Plant and Machinery Engineering Consultants or PLANTMAC.COM was established in 2004 by its principal. The main reason for forming the company was to serve the various industries in the system design, operations, selection, analysis, preventive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, due diligence and third party insurance audit of plant and machinery, providing theoretical and practical training, including collaboration between industry and the engineering academia.
The Director of PLANTMAC.COM obtained his Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds Polytechnic, UK and subsequently a Bachelors Degree (Honours) in the same discipline. He has about 25 years of working experience in various industries, which includes building maintenance, foundry, water, sewerage, manufacturing, construction etc.  He has vast theoretical and practical knowledge on machine design, selection, installation, operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting, energy consumption studies etc. of the various types of machinery. His work also entails the valuation and audit of plant and machinery.

For a few years he was employed by a local firm of consulting engineers involved in the design of machinery, such as compressors, pumps, gear trains, conveyor systems, hydraulic actuators, high speed cutting machines etc.

Currently he has opened his own company where he is specializing in plant and machinery system design, selection, analysis, preventive maintenance, condition-based monitoring and also providing theoretical and practical training on plant and machinery.